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No Apologies Given

No Apologies Given
February 23, 2018


Written by Fred Weeks 2-22 - 2018

I take full responsibility for the entire content of this article.

I was just a young lad, barely 17 years old when I entered the Military [sign in to see URL]. The “Shooting Wars, WWII and the Korean Police Action” were over. The armistice had been signed in July of 1953 ending the Korean conflict, when I enlisted in the US Air Force in July 1954. I had graduated from High School in May of that year at age 16 and had to wait until I was 17 to enter the service, with parental approval. (Five members of my graduation class enlisted in the Air Force immediately after [sign in to see URL] of the [sign in to see URL] of 15)

That being said, one might say that being so young I was at an impressionable age and they might be true, but I had lived through a difficult childhood and had learned to adapt. I was far older than my years and had seen more than my share of life’s harsh realities. At that time the only opportunities for employment were Picking/chopping cotton, working at a gas station,.....or going to Rockford, Ill to work in a factory, which many young people were doing at the time but I was too young for employment. Given those options, anything was better than Hoxie, Arkansas in 1954.

I am not saying that the Air Force was my LAST hope, but it certainly was my ONLY one and always my First choice. I had long dreamed to be a pilot and built and flew model airplanes during my school years...... but when I enlisted I was also too young for pilot training so I entered as an enlisted man. I seldom mention it and few know about it, because it sounds like self aggrandizing, but after taking the entrance exam in Little Rock, I was told that I scored the highest mark ever in the state of Arkansas. I only mention this here to note the fact that I wasn’t just an illiterate from a small town in rural Arkansas.

As I mentioned, I enlisted in July 1954 and in December of the same year I was stationed in Kang Nung (now Gangneung) Korea. My job was Aircraft Control, Warning and Intercept. Kang Nung was only a few miles south of the 38th Parallel (Mig Alley) so we saw plenty of action that year. Korea was still unsettled and there were daily incidents of minor incursions and hostility.

Eight and a half years later I am stationed on a remote radar site on St Lawrence Island Alaska not far from the DMZ separating US Territory from Russian Siberia. This was the calendar year 1962, before, during and after the Cuban Missile Crisis and the world tension was at high level, especially during the month of October.

From my first tour in Korea 1954 to my last assignment in 1963, For almost nine years my training and my job was for the protection of my country and to protect the United States from attack and invasion by foreign powers. As I mentioned earlier, at 17 it could be said that I was impressionable and I would have to agree with that. It was the period of time in which I lived and although my beliefs were not reenforced and hammered home by being shot at, nonetheless they had to be strong for me and those of my generation to KNOW that we were doing a job and protecting our families and friends back home. We have been referred to as “Cold War Warriors” and I cant argue that, nor would I want to, for any person in the Military Service, today or yesterday, must have a Warrior Mindset about their duties, and this was indeed a Cold War.

I have been called an ultra conservative by many who know me and even by some family members who through no fault of their own, have not had my life experiences or those of my generation. My beliefs have been shaped by my life experiences, my years of training and the deep love that I have for my country and my freedoms. I believe in, have taken an oath and have faith in God to protect my family, my Flag and my [sign in to see URL] I make No Apologies for doing so.

So, now I ask...”What is missing today”.........what did I and my generation have, and what is missing from today’s youth that has caused such a drastic change in moral values and priorities, in such a short period of time! What was available to my generation which seems to be missing from the lives of much of today’s young people? Why has our society become so divided and hate-filled?

We had [sign in to see URL] had to find a job and some way to support ourselves and our families. There were no government subsidies and monthly checks to support those who did not want to work. We were too busy trying to survive to waste time in unruly gatherings and demonstrations.

We had [sign in to see URL] we demonstrated by taking an OATH to serve our country, many times under very harsh and inhospitable conditions. Even under adverse conditions It was UNTHINKABLE to not love our country!

We had [sign in to see URL] we loved and who loved us in return, even through the worst of times. Caring and devoutly religious Grandparents were an integral part of our childhood influences. The word FAMILY seems to be missing from many of today’s troubled youth, who without the example, guidance and counsel of both a Mother and a Father are left to seek other paths. Many times these paths lead in the direction of drug addiction, crime, and gang affiliations.

We had Respect for our Flag and recognized that many Americans had died to protect and preserve what it represented. Stomping on, burning or desecrating the flag in any way would have been dealt with immediately and severely. Now we see it happening on a daily basis as those who are in our country illegally and are looking for a “Cash Cow” brazenly flaunt their disrespect of the Stars and Stripes and wave their own banner representing rioting, chaos and destruction.

We had Love for our country and for our freedoms that we enjoyed on a daily basis, free from fear of deadly attacks from those dedicated to destroy those freedoms. Hate for our country was unimaginable. Punishment was severe and served as a deterrent ....for those who committed violent crimes.

Most [sign in to see URL] had God in our daily lives. In our schools, public places and Christmas celebrations. Most [sign in to see URL] was in our hearts! We had no fear of saying “God Bless You”... or “Merry Christmas” a close friend, family member or even to a total stranger. [sign in to see URL] generation, so easily offended, will take legal action against you for being firm in your religious [sign in to see URL] in many cases the courts will find you guilty of a hate crime!

So I say.....

to a generation of people who are so easily offended,

feel they are entitled,

will riot when they disagree with something,

are so weak they need “Safe Rooms” to feel secure,

are unwilling to face a situation and deal with it,

confused by bathrooms,

willing to accept and welcome those who would destroy them,

hate this country,

have so much free time because they don’t work,

collect a monthly check from the government for not working,

disrespect and desecrate the flag of this country,

feel that minorities rule,

are so hate-filled toward someone with opposing beliefs,

feel that celebrities and athletes are all PHD’s in everything,

are conscience free when murdering unborn babies, think that by wearing a mask

while committing atrocious crimes they are hiding their identity from God.

You should have grown up during a period of time when these things were not possible...

......then complain!

[sign in to see URL] I impressionable at age 17 when I first struck out on my own?

Probably [sign in to see URL] these things I believe in today were tempered and forged into my being so long ago that I know no other way........

and am very comfortable with my beliefs.

We are all the sum result of all our life experiences.....

and I make No [sign in to see URL] anyone... for who I am today

nor am I concerned if you disagree with me.

I wish you well and a Happy Life.
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